Saturday, 20 January 2018

Winter walk in snowy Lund

It is a very nice experience to catch the snow in Lund! According to statistical data Lund has about 7-14 days of snow every winter. It doesn't mean that it has to be two weeks of snow in Lund. Not at all. The snow is usually coming for one-two days and then just melting away because of plus degrees outside. But these one-two days are so amazing and charming in Lund! You can't just sit inside, you are hurrying to the city centre to catch a fantastic winter atmosphere. Lucky those who managed to visit snowy Lund.

Destination Lund invites you to join our snowy city walk!

The Old city of Lund with its picturesque architecture and cobblestones 


St Anna street and Hökeriet

Lund Cathedral with icicles on a facade 

Liberiet in snow

Kyrkogatan (The Church street)

Apothecary Swan 

On of the coffee houses in Lund


University library

Unfortunately this winter is not so snowy in Lund, we had just a few days with a snow, but still there is some hope to see snowy Lund again. 

Welcome to Lund! 

Photos belong Destination Lund Sweden


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