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Lund Cathedral - the most beautiful and attractive cathedral in Scandinavia

The most wonderful and amazing church in Nordic is Lund Cathedral. It is also one of the most visiting churches in Sweden with more than 700 000 visitors per year. In 2023 it will celebrate 900 years.  

The Lutheran Cathedral is the seat of the bishop of Lund of the Church of Sweden. It was Catholic archiepiscopal of Scandinavia until the Danish Reformation in 1536. 

It was built as the church for Asser, when he became an archbishop of Scandinavia in 1104. This was about 60 years before Copenhagen was founded and about 80 years before Stockholm. At that time Lund was the religion capital of the Nordic with 24 churches and 4 monasteries.

The crypt of the Lund Cathedral was finished first and inaugurated in 1123 with a ceremony at the high altar still placed in the crypt. The Cathedral and the high altar were consecrated to St. Lawrence on 1145 by Archbishop Eskil, Asser's successor.

The modern Cathedral is a result of the renovation at the end of the 19th century by architect Helgo Zettervall. Now it is one of the most beautiful churches in Scandinavia, built in Romanesque style.

The interior is typical for Romanesque churches with a small windows and quite dark light inside the church. It gives a really deep impression and shows Cathedral in its best.

Lund Cathedral is beautiful and charming all the year around.

The snowy winter Cathedral

Or Cathedral in winter roses

The spring Cathedral

Easter Cathedral

Summer Cathedral

Autumn Cathedral, when you can see all the exterior from Lundagård without leaves

Christmas and New Years Cathedral

Cathedral in winter darkness

To get even more impression and to feel its atmosphere we advice you to see the film produced by Lund Cathedral from the official channel on Youtube

For information about current events, activities and opening hours please check the official homepage of Lund Domkyrka.

Welcome to Lund!

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