Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Lund Carnival – 2018. Save the date! 18-20th of May

Soon it’s Lund Carnival time again!

A student carnival (Lundakarnevalen) takes place every fourth year and is arranged by about 5 000 students from Lund called “karnevalister”. The carnival is an old tradition in Lund, dating back to 1849, and each carnival has a different theme. 

The official poster from Carnival parade - 2014

That is how the Carnival parade looked like about 100 years ago (the photo belongs to University library, public domain)

During Lundakarnevalen 2014 “Futuristic carnival” more than 200 000 persons watched the Carnival parade passing through the Lund city centre.

Here you can watch an official after-movie from the previous Carnival – 2014.

The theme for Carnival – 2018 is Imagination.

And some more photos from the Carnival-2014

So we are looking forward to see a carnival again!

If you are curious about Lundakarnevalen 2018 and don’t want to miss this great event start to plan your trip to Lund right now! Otherwise it could be difficult to find an accommodation. 

See you in Lund 18th-20th of May!

Welcome to Lund!

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