Saturday, 13 January 2018

Lund is a perfect place to visit all the year around

There is no such a thing as a "best time to visit" according to Lund because Lund is wonderful all the year around. And most of all - there are a lot of activities and events happening in Lund every month. So it's just to choose a month or an activity you would like to participate and see.

Destination Lund Sweden made a short film about Lund-2018 where we show the upcoming events and activities in Lund this year.

The highlight of this year - a traditional Lund Students Carnival - will take place in Lund 18-20th of May.

There will be lots of cultural and historical events such as The Cultural Night (the third Saturday in September), The Art Evening (the third Saturday in October). On these occasions all museums in Lund are working all the evening free of charge. You can visit Art galleries and meet famous artists from Lund or even Sweden and Europe.

The Choral festival, The Harvest festival and famous Lund Comedy Festival will be happy to show you all the best in Lund.

Lund has also lots of traditional annual events from University side.

We will update you about events and activities in Lund so you will get to know a lot of Lund traditions in culture, history, sport and university life.

Welcome to Lund all the year around!   

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