Destination Lund Sweden - About us

Destination Lund is a non-profit tourist portal.

As a non-profit organisation we are doing volunteer work and haven’t any employees. Our enthusiastic volunteers are telling about Lund history and culture and trying to encourage you to come and visit our wonderful city.

Our tourist- andvisitors map of Lund with all sights, hotels, bike pipes and even toilets is free to download from google maps and it’s perfect for all electronic devices. Now it’s available in Swedish but soon our English version will be launched.

We produced our small travel guides about Lund in Swedish and English.

They are free of charge and suitable to all kinds of electronic devices.You’ll find an information about Lund history, practicalities, how to get to Lund from the airport and much more.
Please feel free to download it and to share it with your relatives and friends!

Destination Lund Sweden - Small travel guide

Happy Birthday to Destination Lund! We are one year old!

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Small travel guide on Lund in ENGLISH from Destination Lund Sweden

Finally! We have the small travel guide “Destination Lund” in English! It’s free of charge and suitable to all kinds of electro...