Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Spring in Botanical garden of Lund

April is a wonderful month in Lund when all the city is blooming - tulips, magnolia, cherry and plum blossoms will catch your eye and soul. Can you imagine how beautiful it is now in our Botanical garden? Let's have a walk and enjoy!

Sunday, 19 April 2020

Hemester Lund - the new campaign by Destination Lund to promote the city summer vacation - 2020

Du you know what does Swedish word “hemester” mean? This very interesting and useful word consists of two parts. “Hem” stays for home and “semester” stays for vacation. “Vacation at home” or rather “Vacation at the home region or home city”. 

This year offers to all the world population the opportunity to look around their home destinations and enjoy “worldwide hemester”. 

The volunteer tourism association “Destination Lund” decided to provide everybody with the suggestions on Lund vacation. From today we are starting the volunteers’ campaign #HemesterLund where we will suggest the best things to see, do and experience in our wonderful city. Feel free to join us on Instagram and Facebook, tag your images from Lund with #hemesterlund and #destination_lund. 
Write the short story about the place you recommend. Let’s enjoy the summer-2020 in Lund! #hemesterlund #destination_lund

Cherry blossoms of Paradise (Lund University area)

April is the wonderful time to visit Lund! Cherry blossoms transform University area into the pink paradise. Let's have a virtual walk!

Sunday, 5 April 2020

Koloniområdena i Lund. Del 3. S:t Månslyckans Koloniområde

Lunds näst äldsta koloniområde, S:t Månslyckans Koloniområde, anlades 1907, bara två år efter att det första koloniområdet i Lund hade anlagts. Med sina 95 kolonilotter så är koloniområdet inte bara Lunds nästa äldsta utan också Lunds näst största koloniområde. Koloniföreningen har dessutom en webbplats där man kan läsa mer om koloniområdet.

Friday, 3 April 2020

Klostergatan, Monastery street of Lund - The photo walk one century ago

Today we hope you will join us on a short walk along “Bullis”, illustrated with those old coloured photos. 🙂
“Bullis” was slang for the street Klostergatan, monastery street, and allude to Boulevard since it was seen as one of the most beautiful streets in the city, and people were strolling there in the evenings.
The street is pretty much still looking as it did hundred years ago. Although the name “Bullis” it never was a real boulevard and in the 1940th the nick name was used by fewer people, and nowadays it is not used at all. 

Small travel guide on Lund in ENGLISH from Destination Lund Sweden

Finally! We have the small travel guide “Destination Lund” in English! It’s free of charge and suitable to all kinds of electro...