Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Streets of Lund: the history, buildings and flowers

When in Lund you cannot avoid a stroll around Lund's most fascinating streets. The typical Scanian architecture and atmosphere will lead you to continue walking the old streets of Lund: Adelgatan, Tomegapsgatan, S:t Annagatan will show you their best! Lets have a walk!

Adelgatan is one of the most picturesque old streets of Lund. 

The Little and a Big Algatan (Lilla och Stora Algatan)

It's so nice to walk around and imagine who could live in these houses and walk on these streets :)


No words needed! Enjoy the view!

And the central streets are not exception 



 Welcome to Lund!

All photos are belong to Destination Lund Sweden


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