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Lund University Library - one of the most fascinating buildings in Lund

One of the most beautiful and famous buildings in Lund is the University library locates at Helgonabaken in the northern corner of Lund centre.  Designed by Alfred Hellerström, it was built in 1907. Here moved the University library located previously in King’s House (Kungshuset) in Lundagård. 

Lund University Library is as old as Lund University. It became part of the University in 1666. In 1698 University library became a legal depository library preserving all Swedish publications. It means that one printed copy of everything published in Sweden has to be in Lund University library. The system of legal depository was introduced by the Swedish king Karl XII in 1698.

When Lund University was founded in 1666 it didn’t own many books. In 1671 the University Library received its first major book and manuscript collection from the Cathedral Chapter. The first University book collection was shelved in Liberiet near the Cathedral.

The Liberiet building is still remains on its place near the Cathedral.

After an approximately 20 years, in 1690, the University Library moved to Kungshuset (the King’s House) in Lundagård, which was a University building at that time.

Unfortunately Kungshuset had a very bad storage conditions for books. Grain as well as pigs were kept there and the roof was leaking. At the end of the 17th century the librarian Bonde Humerus divided the University books into five categories:

1. Wet or worm-eaten
2. Burned
3. Stained
4. Defective, and
5. Mouse-eaten or all gone!

Marvellous Kungshuset is still locating in Lundagård. It closed for visitors now because of the renovation but the facade of the building is very impressive!

At the end of the 19th century there wasn’t any space for new book collections in Kungshuset. So the decision was made to build a new building with a big storage special for Lund University library at Helgonabacken.

The University library building is famous for its facade. It’s difficult to say when its beautiful the most – in spring or during the summer, or maybe in autumn, and even in winter facade looks the best. 
There are some photo evidence:

University library and spring time. The classical view on the library with a blue flower carpet

Summer library

Autumn library in green in September

And in red in October

Winter is the best time to see all the architecture detail

Snowy library
University library is open for visitors all the year around. For more information, current events and opening hour please check the official homepage

Welcome to Lund!

All photos are belong to Destination Lund Sweden

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