Tuesday, 23 January 2018

The City Council House (Rådhus) in Lund

The City Council House (Rådhus) in Lund, locates on Main Square (Stortorget),  was opened in 1837, originally it hosted the Town Hall with a restaurant, refreshments room and a storage. There was a banquet hall also, Knutssallen, now the official ceremonies and events take place in this hall. 

After a 45 years the Town Hall's building became too small for the city administration. So this building was left to City Council House in 1899-1900. The City Council, the City Court, the magistrate, the police and others were located here.

In 1960th there was a long and boring discussion about to knock this building down and to build a modern house instead or to save the building... And finally the decision was to renovate it!

It's not so simple to get inside the City Council House but sometimes you can even have a guiding tour there. The most wonderful that you can have the major of Lund as a guide. 

On photos Lennart Prytz is guiding in the building.

The City Council House has an amazing art collection with Lund as a central theme.

Near the main entrance to  Rådhuset there is a favourite meeting point among the students and residents. These benches are full occupied in a sunny day especially when it's lunch time.
Lots of Lund events are taking place nearby so you can find the different decorations on Stortorget close to the building. 

Welcome to Lund!

All photos belong to Destination Lund Sweden

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