Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Saluhallen - Lund Market Hall

Have you ever been to Lund Market Hall (Saluhallen)? If not we highly recommend you to make a visit there.

Market hall is not just a market place but a cultural place with gastronomic traditions. And it is more than 100 years old.

That was a tradition before to trade in meat and fish from covered wagons on Stortorget, the Main square.

But at the end of 18th century it was banned mostly for hygiene reasons. So Lund needed a market hall. A.B. Jakobsson was an architect of Saluhallen and decided to build it close to Mårtenstorget, the square behind the City Council House.

The grand opening took place on the 22th of April 1909. At that time Market Hall consisted of one hall for 46 traders and two smaller halls for cheese trade and for fish trade. There was a cafe also, Olga Severins cafe.

The building was in need of serious renovation in 1960s and City Council even wanted to demolish it but after a long discussions and quarrels in 1973 it has been rebuilt. After ten more years Market Hall got a place for cafes and restaurants.

Market Hall got its today look in 2009 when the western restaurants part of Saluhallen was built with an entrance on Botulfstorget. The second grand opening took place in November 2012.

Welcome to Lunds Saluhallen! Here you can buy a high quality local meat, fish, cheese and confectionery and have a nice lunch or dinner in a one of the restaurants.

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