Sunday, 4 March 2018

Let’s have a walk around Lund University buildings in city centre!

The institutes and faculties of Lund University are located all around Lund. But some of the most fascinating buildings you can see in the centre of the city – in Lundagård and surroundings.

Universitetshuset – The Main University building

Designed by Helgo Zettervall, it was erected 1878-1882. The classically inspired facade is so amazing, though an interior.

The Toscan-Doric columns in the Atrium gallery, the Doric frieze with symbols of the faculties.

The hand-painted glass ceiling was renovated in 1974.

Look at that fantastic ceiling of the Aula, the main auditorium!

Palaestra et Odeum 

Palaestra et Odeum is Latin for gymnasium and music hall. Designed by Helgo Zettervall, the building was completed in 1883. It was used as a gymnasium for students and staff until 1980, when the building was devastated by fire. Today Palaestra houses lecture theatres. The Odeum part of the building uses as a rehearsal room for students involved in musical activities.

The facade is just amazing – with a two-storey construction in the centre and three-storey wings.

AF-Borgen – The Academic Society building

The Academic Society (Akademiska Föreningen, AF) is an association of students and academic staff. The building was inaugurated in 1851, the architect was H J Strömberg.

The idea was that everybody should find a place inside at the same time. Here you can find a large student cafe “Athens”, the restaurant Tegner and offices of a large number of student societies.

Gamla Kirurgen

The Old Surgery building designed by Helgo Zettervall as a part of the hospital site. Now it houses teaching rooms and staff offices.

The Old Bishop’s house

The Old Bishop house designed by the Lund’s cathedral architect and professor in Greek language Carl Georg Brunius.

It was built 1842 to expand the location for the Institutes of Chemistry, Physics and Zoological science. Then it was rebuilt till the Bishop’s apartment, and the Bishop Henrik Reuterdahl moved there in 1855. In 1993 K G Hammar, the bishop of Lund, decided to move to the old bishop’s residence on Krafts torg, the southern side from Cathedral.

Now The Old Bishop’s house is used for an official meetings and conferences by Lund University.

Welcome to Lund!

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